All Suresense technologies are designed to optimally reduce the energy costs for businesses.

Our products are used by the world's most forward thinking companies across the world and are sourced through our global partner network

Integra products

Why Suresense Technologies?

We provide Ultra Smart Clean technologies designed to reduce Energy spend and Carbon Footprint.
Companies all over the world today such as Coca Cola, GSK, Unilever, GKN amongst many others have increased their profits and reduced their Carbon footprint through the use of technology designed by Suresense Technologies.
The Integra is an intelligent Motor Controller for single speed devices which also boasts energy saving performance and best in class soft starter functionality.


The Eluma is a range of high performance energy efficient luminaries that are proven to typically reduce related energy consumption by 75% and provide paybacks in 18 months.


The Elumaled brings best in breed Eluma performance based on the latest Philips LED technology


is the most advanced lighting control available today. Supporting both Digital and Analogue devices and based on Zigbee wireless control technology.


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